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Software Engineering

Integrating new technological ideas into engineering through quality and secured information systems

We have a strong and robust pool of tech-talented team composed of programmers, software and Web developers, experienced GIS Mappers, design-based software (STORMCAD, STAAD, EPANET, SEWERGEMS) and multi-media specialist.

Over the last 10 years, our tech specialists have worked with both public and private customers in curating our archives of flood maps and database, water supply sources and network of transportation in conflict affected areas to suit the requirements for decision making and infrastructure programming.


  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Project Monitoring through GIS Mapping
  • Software Data Processing and Analysis
  • Security Solutions on Web-based Applications
  • Automation of Internal Business Operations
  • System Integration and Database Management Systems
  • Business Permit Licensing and Local Tax Mapping
  • Advance Training for Engineering Softwares and Applications


Completed and On-going Engagements – Information Communication Technology (ICT)

  • Comprehensive Philippine Local Road Satellite – Smartphone Mindanao Mapping Pilot (2016)
  • Third Party/Consultancy for the Monitoring of Ongoing and Completed Farm to Market Road (FMR) Project of DA-4B CY 2014 – 2015 (2015)
  • Development of Expanded ARMM Roads Mapping and Management (e-ARMM) System (2013)
  • Enhanced Use of Database/Information System under Capacity Development Project on Water Quality Management in the Philippines, Philippines , (2010)
  • Enhancement of the Agriculture and Fisheries Market Information System (AFMIS II), Philippines, (2010)
  • National CFC Phase-Out Plan (NCPP) Web-Based Database Management and ON-Line Application System, Philippines (2009)
  • Review, Evaluation and Enhancement of the Existing Automated Human Resources for Health (HRH) Information Systems, (2009)
  • Project Monitoring and Information Management System, Philippines (2008)
  • Development of the Database for Water Quality Management Phase I (2007)
  • Development of the Database for Water Quality Management (JICA/Phase 2 of GROUP 5), Philippines (2007)
  • DSWD Online Transaction System for Frontline Services: Component 2 (LOT 1) – System Analysis Design and Development, Philippines (2006)
  • Management Fees Automation Software System Development, Philippines (2005)
  • Institutional Strengthening of NWRB through Enhancement of the Processing of Water Permit Application, Billing and Related Information Systems and Creation / Establishment of Water Resources Regional Council (WRCC) in Region 7, ilippines (2005)
  • System and Software Development for the Kapit-Bisig Laban sa Kahirapan / Comprehensive and Integrated Delivery of Social Services (KALAHI-CIDSS), Philippines (2004)
  • Strengthening of Flood Forecasting and Warning Administration: Baseline Study on Hydrologic Data Availability in Pampanga and Agno River Basins for Flood Forecasting and Warning Operation, Philippines (2004)
  • National Water Information Network Phase II, Metro Manila, Philippines (2004)
  • Preparation of Flood Control Manual for DPWH Technical Standards and Guidelines, Philippines (2003)
  • Inventory Survey in Basic Analysis of Hydrological Data of for DPWH Technical Standards and Guidelines, Philippines (2002)
  • National Water Information Network (NWIN), Sub-component Activity WRDP, Philippines (2003)
  • Database Programming and Systems Analysis for Development and Implementation of the Database on Industrial Pollution from Point Sources (DIPPS) Metro Manila, Philippines (2002)
  • The Study on the Existing Drainage Laterals in Metro Manila in the Republic of the Philippines, Philippines, (2000)
  • Database System (GWDS) for the Study on Management of Groundwater and Land Subsidence in the Bangkok Metropolitan Area and Its Vicinity, Thailand and Japan (1994)