Woodfields Consultants Inc. (Woodfields), a Filipino corporation duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, is a total consulting firm delivering services in all aspects of engineering and allied fields. We are especially valued for providing excellent and high quality performance in the core areas of water resources engineering, flood control and drainage improvement, water supply and sanitation, environmental management, and solid waste management in the Philippines and Asia. Read More..


WOODFIELDS is proudly staffed by expert engineers and consultants highly sought for prestigious projects. Professionals wishing to build a career with us will find a conducive environment that puts a premium on excellence and professionalism. Interested applicants may apply by clicking on the featured positions.

Professional Opportunities

  • Solid Waste Management Specialist Team Leader
  • Planning/ Institutional Development Specialist
  • Financial/ Economic Specialist

CEO's Insights

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"We are proud of the depth in experience and competence of our expert staff and consultants. We maintain a dependable pool who have intensive educational preparation and proven competence in almost all engineering disciplines, environmental studies, economics and finance, development planning, social and institutional development, development communications, information technology, and other specialized development fields."

- Dr. Reynaldo R. Medina