Clustering spatio–seasonal hydrogeochemical data using self-organizing maps for groundwater quality assessment in the Red River Delta, Vietnam
Hydrogeochemical characteristics of groundwater from the two main aquifers in the Red River Delta, Vietnam
Environmental impact assessment using a utility-based recursive evidential reasoning approach for structural flood mitigation measures in Metro Manila, Philippines
Environmental impact assessment of structural flood mitigation measures by a rapid impact assessment matrix (RIAM) technique: A case study in Metro Manila, Philippines

The Red River Delta (RRD) is the second largest delta in Vietnam, and its local communities depend on groundwater sources for water supply. A clear understanding of the groundwater hydrogeochemical properties, particularly

In the Red River Delta, situated in the northern part of Vietnam, nearly its entire population depends solely on groundwater for daily water consumptions. For this reason, groundwater quality assessments

Highlights •An evidential reasoning approach was used in the EIA of flood control projects.•New utility functions for the evidential reasoning approach were developed.•The new utility functions are based on the concept

Highlights • The RIAM is used in the EIA of flood control projects in the Philippines. • Project phasing is proposed as additional feature in the RIAM method. • A