Comprehensive Study on the Possible Land Use Conversion of the Payatas Controlled Disposal Facility (PCDF)

Year: 2017

WCI was contracted by the Environmental Protection and Waste Management Department (EPWMD) of the QC Local Government in 2017 to carefully consider the possibility of converting the land use of the Payatas Controlled Disposal Facility (PCDF) due to the high cost of Post-Closure Care (PCC) maintenance services and the surge in real property market values.

The site used to be the main disposal area of the city from 1970’s to 2010. It was converted from an open dumpsite into a controlled dumpsite in 2004, and was closed in December 2010 in compliance with the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000. A sanitary landfill (SLF) was then constructed adjacent to the site, and began operating in 2011 and was closed in 2017.

In this project, WCI assessed the environmental conditions of the site and proposed after-use developments based from the results and input from the project stakeholders.

The use of landfill mining and reclamation was incorporated in the study as a way of remediating the environmental impacts of the site and preparing it for other developmental options.

Financial and economic analyses were also carried out to determine the viability of the proposed schemes vis-à-vis other competing issues such as land ownership, amount of residual methane, outstanding contract with Pangea, source of funds, PCC periods for both the PCDF and the SLF, and environmental monitoring results.

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