Lanao del Sur Water Supply Project

Consultancy Service for the Conduct of Feasibility Studies and Detailed Engineering of Level II Water Supply for the seven (7) Municipalities of Butig, Lumbatan, Bayang, Lumbayanague, Tubaran, Marogong and Lumbaca-Unayan, all in the Province of Lanao del Sur, under the DPWH-ARMM

Year: 2018

Project Description:

Prepare a Rapid Feasibility Study and Detailed Engineering Design for a Level II water supply system for the seven (7) municipalities of Lanao del Sur that include Butig, Lumbatan, Bayang, Lumbayanague, Tuburan, Marogong and Lumbaca-Unayan. Some springs sources identified in the project area. However, these spring sources have limited flows to supply requirements especially during the dry seasons. The potential surface water identified in the project area is the Malaig River located in the Municipality of Butig. This river can supply water requirements of the seven (7) identified projects. The Malaig River is shown in the figure.

The Malaig River will be provided with water treatment plant (WTP) to ensure the water that will be supplied will meet the Philippine National Standards for Drinking Water (PNSDW) of 2017. Each local government units (LGUs) will be provided with individual ground concrete reservoir to be located at a higher elevation that will flow by gravity. However, some higher service areas will be provided with booster pumping stations. Public faucets will be provided in the distribution system to be located in strategic location such as in the Poblacion and densely populated areas. A drip type chlorinator will be provided on top of each ground concrete tank to ensure consumers of safe and potable water.

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